Authorised Distributor for the Leading Manufacturers in Industry

We are authorised distributors and installers for a number of manufacturers covering the following fields.

  • AC drives and DC drives of all sizes (Parker, Sprint, Mitsubishi)
  • AC motors and DC motors (TEC, T-T motors)
  • Gearboxes
  • Panel related parts and accessories

Vascat Motors

Specialists in high performance motors and servos, Vascat S.A work closely with Start Electrical to meet the most demanding of applications. Our expert application knowledge and experience with Vascat covers:

  • Asynchronous Servo Motors
  • Synchronous Toque Motors
  • Direct Current Motors

Typical applications of these high performance motors include printing presses, wire manufacturing and renewable energy processes.

Parker SSD and Sprint Motor Drives

We are authorised distributors for the leaders in AC and DC drives, Parker and Sprint Electric. We can offer the complete range of AC and DC control solutions including:

  • Retrofit of DC equipment
  • Regenerative DC applications
  • Servo control applications
  • High performance AC control