Repairs & Servicing

Replacement isn't Always Perfect

It can be very time consuming and expensive to replace electronic equipment, especially if its obsolete or discontinued. It’s often a better option to have this equipment repaired. Start Electrical Services have a dedicated workshop to cater for electronic repairs.

Where AC or DC Drives and inverters are in need of repair, and machine downtime are too costly, we may be able to offer temporary equipment to keep your machine running whilst the repairs are undertaken.

Retrofits and Machine Modifications

Many machines used in industry today are quite often decades old. Although still functioning mechanically, age will undoubtedly be taking its toll on the electrical controls. As the machine becomes more and more prone to malfunctions and breakdowns, downtime costs can rise and replacement parts can be harder to come by.

Modifying part or all of a machine can prove cost effective in the long term. Not only does this help reduce downtime but also ensures you have items of equipment that are still available. This is also the same for software upgrades, which make it easier to back up entire PLC programs and keep them stored.

The use of cheaper alternatives e.g. using AC motors and controls instead of DC can help reduce maintenance costs and also help to make it quicker to get replacements with off the shelf motors.

Case Study

A complete overhaul

A previously neglected and unreliable Baumuller panel required a complete overhaul. The replaced panel was based on a 4 Quadrant ~100kW Sprint Electric PLX series DC drive system. This is a regenerative system to assist with the braking of the large mass being driven.

The application was for a large sausage mixing machine in a food hygiene environment. Because of the in-place infrastructure we carried the refurbishment on-site and within food hygiene guidelines.

Higher resolution of the before and after can be found on our Flickr page